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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

I do my own thing, in my own time.  I'm not a follower.  I'm not into Christmas now because it's not time for me.  I'm very much into Thanksgiving.  I love this time of the year but being a traditionalist, I pay no attention to CIJ at all.  It doesn't even exist for me.  I take and savor and enjoy my holidays as they come.  It's all pumpkins and fall leaves and pumpkin spice for me until the day after Thanksgiving.  Then I go into Christmas mode.  I only started looking at the Christmas decor shows two weeks ago.  We did get a flyer from our condo board reminding us that per the condo rules, Christmas decorations are allowed between 12/1 and 1/7.  Not before and not after those dates.  There's house in town that puts all their Christmas decorations up on 11/1.  Like clockwork.  Drive by on 10/31 and  nothing.  Drive by at 11/1 and they are in Christmas glory.  They have been doing that for many years but I hear that there are new neighbors now and they are pressuring the town for some type of ordinance.  I'm not sure that's even possible for private homes but the newer neighbors over their aren't content to roll their eyes and grumble the way the older neighbors do.  They do a huge over the top display which does draw cars.  But I don't see anyone else in town decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.   

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

I have been giving away so much of my Christmas decor....we seem to always be going to the kid’s houses so few people get to enjoy them except for me and DH....and he couldn’t care less about decor! I love putting up my tree...for me, I could have just the tree and be just fine. I have so many ornaments, and each is a memory, so I enjoy getting them out every year.
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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?



In years gone by, I would begin entertaining at Halloween (my birthday), and continue on through Christmas.  It was glorious.  My home was highly decorated, including a huge 10' tree on a rotating stand.  Everyone loved coming here.


Fast forward to today.  I don't really decorate.  My tree is a 2' tabletop with a small nativity.  Very little gift exchange if any.


Sometimes, I miss the hustle and bustle of the past, but, it just got to be too much.  Most importantly, people began drifting away as their families grew and changed.


What I do now is just what I want to do, which isn't much Cat LOL


However, I feel happy for other people who are just starting out or who still enjoy the season to the, decorating, families, parties.  What a blessing to have all that.


It's only me and my husband and an old cat.  But, you know what?  Every day I am healthy and happy is Christmas Day.

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

Not really.  It's become so commercialized....


When my husband was alive we'd have everyone here for Christmas and Thanksgiving.


I worked my fanny off because he loved girls...not so much.  Ha!


I'm always welcomed to go to my little sister's houses where the family still gathers.


However, I usually just celebrate with my daughter(s).  I don't have the stamina like I used to.


I find it so crazy that everyone spends all of this money and goes crazy for one day.....then it's over.


I've always said you could save tons of money if you just delayed the 'celebration' even for one day.


My friend and her family make these huge lists of things they want.


Then they all go to Amazon, etc to buy them.  The problem is she always gets 'cheated' because they never get what she'd really like to have (or what she put down on the list).  They do the same thing for birthdays too.  Some of the things on THEIR lists are expensive.


I'm a person who pretty much buys what I want.  My girls don't feel like they need to give me gifts.  


They'll send me cards and love notes during the year.  For instance my 39 year old daughter was in Trader Joe's recently and saw a hand-drawn card that said, "I love you to the moon...and back".  That's what we've always said to each other.  


She lives in Denver.  I opened the envelope and it made me cry.  THAT'S my idea of celebrating life.


I consider myself a very spiritual person.  I say prayers almost every night and I don't feel like I have to celebrate any particular day.


I think many of you are like that, just by reading your posts. 


I also think that often as we get older we realize Christmas is more for young people.


After my husband died I still pulled out all of the decorations but it's been 15 years now and I turn 73 next month.  


My motto is "if I don't pull it out....I don't have to put it away".  Ha!

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

The time is so short between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, that I'm already beginning to feel a bit rushed.

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

The holidays haven't been the same since dad died years ago.  He had 4 kids and we'd have all kinds of get togethers for the holidays and barbeques in summer.  We did it for him bc he loved having all of us together in one location.  


Now some of my sibs have families with kids, grandkids and even great gkids.  Lots of ppl and If I could figure out a way to skip Christmas I would.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - if for no other reason than there is no shopping for gifts required. I have T'giving here for my brother, his wife and her brother.  Four is much more manageable.  They come and eat, the guys watch football and they head back home after a few hours.  

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

I'm totally into the holidays, but I don't celebrate them early. I'd rather enjoy them in a timely fashion.

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

I try to keep my peace but there's definitely the expectation that I'm going to pull it together each year. I have cut back in terms of buying new decorations as I have enough and can't even fit everything anymore but with four kids it's always hectic but I'm sure I'll miss it when they have families of their own though. 

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

My husband, son and I have been doing our own thing at holiday time for quite awhile. I love the holidays so I decorate, bake cookies and do all the cooking. That being said, I do it at my own pace and try to keep the menu simple. As long as my health holds up, I'm into it.

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Re: Are you “into” the holidays?

No, not really.  The older I get, the less family I have and since we are all in different States, we often don't see one another anymore, and its just not the same.


Personally, I can't wait til all the hub bub is over.

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