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Re: Are you an instacart user?

Instacart is interactive.  If you go to their website under your account, you can see when they start shopping and see exactly what they are putting in your basket.  For instance i wanted walnuts, they were out my shopper told me, she asked did I want something else, I said almonds, she sent me pics of the almonds and I picked out the ones I wanted.  I thought it was just fabulous.  I wanted bananas and they were out, I said clementines and she sent me a picture also.  I didnt like them so I said no.  I use them alot!

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Re: Are you an instacart user?

I have been an Instacart user for the past two years without any problems until the last two orders.  Each shopper before has always sent me pictures, asked managers at the store for items that weren't on the shelf, and offered substitutions.  Yesterday I ordered groceries and over half of the items were not available.  The shopper never offered any substitutions and I asked him to go to the freezer section for some vegetables.  When he didn't respond I asked him to please answer my questions.  I received a harsh response that "I didn't ask him but told him to go to the freezer section".  He rang me up for items that I did not receive.  One thing with Instacart is that you can look at your receipt.  Where did those items go?  It makes you wonder about the integrity of the shopper as I have NEVER had this happen to me before.  The wait time to chat with Instacart was over 5 hours.  I understand their demand at this time so emailed them. Again, I have never had a rude shopper like this.  I cancelled my membership and will use Shipt (have membership) from now on.

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Re: Are you an instacart user?

I've used it twice.  First time it was for Sam's Club and it worked well.  Got just about everything in my order.


Second time was for Costco and it was a mess.  The Instacart system crashed, and my shopper couldn't get payment to go through at the store.  He texted me that my order would have to be cancelled.  I begged him if I could pay him separately and he was kind enough to cancel my order and allow payment (probably not with the rules but I was desperate).  The problem was that the order was never cancelled and another shopper picked up my order so there was a duplicate.  I ended up taking that same order and selling it to my sister.  I was on hold for literally 2 hours, trying to make sure there wouldn't be a 3rd duplicate order as the website showed order still in process. In the end it worked out but the surcharges are pretty high.