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Blindfolded?  I know this seems like a crazy question but bear with me.  I've been watching a few Hallmark and other types of movies and in them they often blindfold a person to take them to a surprise place.  They are usually someone the person has recently met.  


Would you allow someone who you didn't know very well to put a blindfold on you and lead you somewhere unknown to you?  


I wouldn't.  I would be so uneasy as to whether I could trust this person.  To be honest, I'm not even sure if I would allow someone I knew pretty well to blindfold me and lead me to an unknown place.


Some may think it's romantic, but I think it's a little creepy.  Maybe I watch too many true police dramas but there's been many cases of a person killed by someone they were romantically involved with.  


I may be skeptical but I think that putting all of your trust in anyone can be foolish.

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I would allow it ......  if my life was a hallmark movie!


But seriously, if it was someone I knew well (like my husband of 40 years), then yes.  

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I think you're right to be uneasy.

I would not feel comfortable being blindfolded either, @J Town Girl 


I'm not a great fan of surprises in general. 

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Yes, it would give me anxiety!

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I'd rather not.  Smiley Happy

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I've been asked by an acquaintance to cover my eyes for a surprise before but not to put on a blindfold. I would not go for that.


Hallmark movies have to pack in a lot of courtship and intimacy very quickly to get to the happy ending in 90 minutes. No deviant psychos or scary endings are allowed on those shows. The romantic leads are destined to love each other forever, so there's no risk to trusting love in the context of a romantic story.

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Not if it was a birthday party and there was a Pinata (spelling??) full of candy waiting to be broken into. LOL.

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Call me boring, but I'm not into all that 50 shades of gray stuff 

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I have never been blindfolded and never will be.


I have closed my eyes when asked though by people I trust.

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If I had to be driven somewhere while I was blindfolded, it would be in their best interest not to do that because I would get horribly car sick.  LOL