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@occasionalrain wrote:

No and I see those who are as weak and unstable. Some are just attention seeking manipulators. They probably used crying to get what they wanted as children and it was a success then so why not now.

 @occasionalrain   I can’t disagree more!! Having emotions makes us human. I know strong men who cry.My DH is one of them.I love him more for it. He isn’t weak or manipulative. He’s a warm,kind,loving person who cares for others.

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@cherry wrote:

Since when did calling people weak, and unstable, attention seeking ,manipulators,

 not constitute an attack on their character?

I did not call anyone anything; I did not direct my comment to a specific poster. I merely shared my impression of those who cry often and about most things. It may apply to some or none. If taken personally by posters it's on them and they are free to cry about it.

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I am certainly not crying ,nor would I ever cry over anything so trivial. I was just confused..

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95% I am not a crier but certain things do make me weep.

I do not watch anything where an animal is killed or abused.

I will not watch Bambi, I vividly remember when he is told his mother is not with him anymore. Old Yellow is another. I saw Dancing with Wolves in the theater and my eyes became weepy when the wolf was shot.

I will not watch any animal shows and how they survive. The survival is from man, and from defending themselves by the defeat of another animal. It is life, but it hurts.

When a pet dies that is when I am a crier.

When a family member dies I weep and am a crier about it only while taking a shower. For some reason it is the only place I can really let it all out.

When alone memories bring tears.

I can feel emotional about things but do not, will not display it. It is personal.




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only when I am by myself...

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@Catiele  OMG! Words fail me and yes I will. Heart



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Re: Are You A Cryer?

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 When I was a kid  I cried over anything.  When I was dating a guy that always lied and conned etc I became hard hearted, became a different person.


After I left him for good and after time, I got back to the real me which is kind, caring, soft hearted and sensitive.


Having been both ways I prefer to be caring and softhearted even if I do cry too much.


It is not all out crying all the time , I tear up at times over anything, or nothing at all.  It is better than being so hard hearted and non emotional that you dont feel.