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Are There Any Tried-And-True Products That You've Continued To Use Throughout The Years?

... provided they haven't been discontinued, of course{#emotions_dlg.sneaky}?

-Pond's Cold Cream - been slathering it on as a makeup remover and taking it off with a hot washcloth since I was a kid

-Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque - another one from my teen years. Must be the irresistible minty fragrance. My skin's always been on the dry side, but this is a good exfoliator to use from time to time.

-Revlon Coffee Bean lipstick - I love this color (lightly frosted reddish bronze) and have used it since my 20s. Can't believe it's still around!

-My Lady Gillette DE blue star razor from the 60s. Talk about vintage. And the blades are so cheap!

How about you?


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