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Anyone ever traveled to South Korea

Our friends are going to S. Korea.  They are visiting friends. But after landing they have to catch a train to get to their destination.  They were told they had to have cash on them to take this train.  The exchange rate might be at odds with their ability to carry around cash.  Not sure.  


Anyone know how they can manage to exchange the US dollar and not have to take backpack full of Korean currency.  I have a feeling they were given the wrong information.  Just wanted to check with anyone who might know.



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Re: Anyone ever traveled to South Korea

If no one can help you on this board, try Trip Advisor.  I just looked quickly at an aritcle that said exchange money in South Korea at the airport and get a better exchange rate than  you can in the U.S.

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Re: Anyone ever traveled to Sout

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South Korea is a very modern country.  Your friend could exchange American dollars  at the international airport before she leaves US soil.  She can also exchange dollars at the Korea airport upon arrival.


She also can get money at a ATM using a debit or credit card in Korea.  Hotels will also exchange money for you.


I usually exchange about 100 to 200 dollars at the US airport before  leave so I have cash on arrival to get me started and be prepared. 


I use my credit card where possible.  I have a Capital One card for this purpose as they do not charge fees for using it in foreign countries.... Some cards have high exchange fees.  Call your bank and credit card company before you leave telling them which countries you are visiting or they might not authorized charges. Usually, the best exchange rates can be had by using your credit card only if your CC does not charge fees to exchange currencies.


One American dollar is worth more than 1200 Won which is difficult to keep straight in your head.  It can be mind boggling to calculate.


I carry my my debit card in case I need foreign cash from an ATM and I keep a stash of US dollars for emergencies that can an be exchange at a hotel or bank if needed.


it's always best to have a back up method in case your main source of money is not available.  Once I saw a family stranded because the ATM card at the bank "ate" their only credit card after hours and they could not retrieve it until the next day.


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Re: Anyone ever traveled to South Korea

There will be ATM's and exchange booths at the airport.  Make sure your friends notify their CC companies they will be in Korea.  DH and I take different cards.  In case one is frozen, they will have a usable card.

Korea is a very modern country.  We lived south of Seoul for 2 years.


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Re: Anyone ever traveled to South Korea

Thanks so much everyone. l  have a great friend and neighbor and wanted to get here good information. It is always best to seek out those who know.  


Wish I could go along with her and her hubby.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Anyone ever traveled to South Korea

I lived in Korea for several years and it is a very "user friendly" country.  They love Americans and will probably offer to help without being asked (but don't hesitate to ask).  They also love to practice their English.

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Re: Anyone ever traveled to South Korea

as others have stated, S Korea is friendly and modern and no issues with currency.  If your friends have time, you can also order foreign currency form your bank.  I have done this with BOA, Chase and TD Bank....but you need about 2 weeks prior to departure.