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Re: Anyone else sick?

I was really sick a month ago.  It started in my throat and kind of traveled down.  My husband had the same thing.  I could keep anything down, expelling everything (both ends)  It was awful.  My sinus went haywire and were swollen. Lasted about 7 days. the worst part was hitting my stomach.  I didn't go to work for a week. I dropped 7 lbs after it was all over.  I purchased all of these cough and flu stuff over the counter.  Nothing seem to work.  I only went to the doctor when I discovered I had lost so much weight.  I was half expecting stomach cancer. But thankfully I was alright.

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Re: Anyone else sick?

@RetRN wrote:

@suzyQ3 wrote:

Well, darn it. I was perfectly healthy until I opened this thread. :-)

You must mean physically. 




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Re: Anyone else sick?

I am so thankful that I have not had even a cold in over 5 years.   When I was working retail I got a cold maybe once a year.... all that contact with sick people.  But, I  always have taken good care of myself and my immune system as much as I  possibly could.


Now retired, and taking supplements to boost immune  and a healthy diet with  no sugar,   AND LESS STRESS  PLUS... less contact with the public, I stay well.  DH also stays well. I pad him well with lots of  immune supplements Smiley Happy

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Re: Anyone else sick?

No, I feel fine. But I am sick now after opening my TV and internet bill! Smiley Surprised Smiley Sad It's getting so rediculous.

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Re: Anyone else sick?

Did well this winter but just acquired the 'welcome to spring' sinus infection. Feeling better, except for coughing fits. Work at a college. So many sick students and faculty. Especially faculty who have children in public schools. It's a petrie dish out there. Hope you feel better very soon.  

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Re: Anyone else sick?

I really should knock on wood before I utter these words but ever since my dh and I retired (4 years ago) we haven't been sick. Not once. Not even a cold. Gotta wash, wash, wash those hands!!

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Re: Anyone else sick?

A lot of people must be sick now. The pharmacy parking lot is full. I was sick back in January. Yuck.

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Re: Anyone else sick?

I've completed my 3rd day of forced isolation.  So sick of watching tv...I think I know every commercial by heart.  Sitll coughing and sinus headache.  I go through bouts of having a little energy and then back to the couch.


Tomorrow I'm hoping is the last day of being sick.  I missed mass tonight which was offered for my mom. Smiley Sad My sister picked Dad up at the nursing home and took him.  He thought everyone was there for Mom.  He's still devoted to her.  They sure had a happy life.


Anyway, I hope staying home has helped prevent others from getting this wicked cold but I'm slowly going out of my mind with a raging case of cabin fever! 





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Re: Anyone else sick?

I was.  Went to a luncheon a few weeks ago, and someone came over and gave me a hug and kiss.  THEN told me that she had a cold!  UGH.  I got hit hard with it.  Much better now, but still coughing.


To those not feeling well, I hope you're better soon!

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Re: Anyone else sick?

So, here is a small update on the illness for those also dealing with sickness.

I spent the weekend barely moving. Went to doc and was told flu and a virus are going around big time. I was given an antibiotic because this all caused a sinus infection. I had a fever. All that fun stuff.

This morning my hubby called his work and can barely get up. So I was definitely contagious. I feel awful that he got sick. Not the kind of thing I want to share.πŸ˜•

I don't know if anyone else is dealing with the same symptoms or dicknsic but if you are I feel for you and hope you get well soon.