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Re: Anyone catch James Corden?

If you like him,check out Gavin and Stacey on Netflix. It is a very funny British comedy series at he did a few years ago.
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Re: Anyone catch James Corden?

The skit with Tom Hanks and James going through a bunch of his movies was funny. I especially liked when they did Castaway. Wilsoooooooooooooooooon!!!

Tom Hanks movie montage

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Re: Anyone catch James Corden?

I am still watching every night and Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell were good and the Mariah Carey kit was okay, her voice didn't sound great. His other skits at the beginning were pretty funny.

I can't believe they are spending so much money on this new host. A new set, a band and the skits have to cost money. Craig never got anything extra but I loved Geoff and the horse and his weird humor, especially the phone ringing conversations and the fake band.

I would prefer that only one guest comes on at a time, I think it would be funnier.

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Re: Anyone catch James Corden?

If you've ever seen the UK's fabulous "Graham Norton Show" (available on YouTube and elsewhere), you'll see his concept of all the guests on the couch together.

It's very often funny and entertaining. 8)