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Re: Anybody hitting Black Friday ads ?

she's showing what she ordered.

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Re: Anybody hitting Black Friday ads ?



No I wish -- my home is a "work in progress"...eventually it will look like the "inspiration" picture.


I've "slowly" been selling off all the furniture and replacing it with updated.  I just ordered new glass sliders (my whole back wall is sliders onto a enclosed lanai) they take 6-8 weeks and thanks to JCP great sale I did purchase the window treatments.


Sadly, my flooring is still on backorder from 10/13☹️☹️☹️.  At this point, I thought I'd pick another flooring color but then realized I wanted these from the start -- so I'll continue to wait.   (I'm so ready to be done with rugs😉).


Hopefully, by end of January 2021 this project will be done.


The furniture sale incentives were too good to pass up🙂


(Next home sale: all holiday decor and more that I'm tired of storing😉 -- my hutch just became a "cluttered" catch all & never really loved it -- people left when I bought the house)


Happy Holiday Season🎄🎅🏻