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Re: Anybody have friends and family in Kentucky?

On 3/6/2015 kittymomNC said:

It doesn't take much if a city is unprepared... this was in Raleigh NC in February 2014 - after 2-3 inches of snow/ice.... a major four-lane thoroughfare through Raleigh and going west, as well as the Raleigh beltline. Hundreds of people were stranded for as muchas 8-12 hours. I do everything I can to stay off any roads when the forecast is bad. Of course, lots of people don't have that choice...

Especially the truckers. They get stopped due to sudden snow storms and everyone else is stranded until they can move again.

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Re: Anybody have friends and family in Kentucky?

My young Kentucky relatives have had two school days in the past three weeks. I can recall going more more than a month without school, and I also recall an April spring break with snow. May not be typical, but they've experienced similar winters. My folks are staying inside and looking forward to Wildcat basketball on TV. Go Big Blue!