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Re: Any suggestions for fun things with kids in NYC

Eloise tea in the Plaza, Dylan's Candy Bar, American girls. Statue of Liberty, skating at Rockefeller Center. If you have $$$ tons of stuff to do. Try Natural History Museum.

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Re: Any suggestions for fun things with kids in NYC


   How EXCITING...taking your 8 year old grand daughter to NYC: @msvictoriah


I love to go to NYC ...I find 'every thing' ____'more interesting than the last'.


 Going to a 1st time Broadway show will be exhilarating...can 'not' explain the fuzzy natural high she will feel and never forget.

Absolutely, a Dream Come true! Heart..................Woman Surprised !:Young girl surprised!


Oh, ahhh, The NYC Planetarium and the American MUSEUM of Natural History.........!!


 Have her photo taken in front of the old Ed SullivanTheater, then stop at one of the street vendors's HOT DOG stands- andHAVE "every" THING put on it, eating while.... walking through the crowd of many people.  NOTICE or count how MANY YELLOW CABS...take a ride in one.


 Please~~~~ don't forget the `THRILL` going to the top of the Empire State Building...take a lot of picture with the traffic from waaay below.


Have a grand time, and I'm sure you two will, but if she interested..just a little, walk through just '1' of the high end department stores. 

Since she probably knows nothing of what street shopping is, having just a boring 'MALL', then that's a treat within itself.

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