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Wow, check out Antonella on Q2 , totally new do. I like it, not that my opinion matters, but she looks really nice.

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Yes she does look very nice. Thanks for bringing to our attention. I forget about Q2. 

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@QVCkitty1  Whoa...I didn't even recognize her.  She looks great, I love the new "do".  I don't really follow the salespeople, but she always struck me as authentic and a beautiful person.

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Her hair looks so healthy and beautiful!

I like Antonella alot, she is such a lovely lady! Woman Happy

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I hope it's only temporary.

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not crazy about it....

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I did not even recognize her.  While I do not care for this look (imo, she looks like she is back in the 1970s), I did see her yesterday and she looked like she lost 10 years and looked really good.  She did not look like she does tonight.  Yesterday, her hair looked fabulous.

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I like her natural hair, not this straightened hair, nor the color.

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Looks like she had it straightened.  While it's smooth and shiny it's also a bit of the problems us straight hair gals have to deal with.


She also looks very tan like she's been away on a vacation.

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With that smile, she always looks good. It was a fun show with Meredith.