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S'Mores were the best !!!

I didn't like the brownie batter.
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Fellow Chicagoans lost their jobs so Oreo could be made in Mexico. Um... No more Oreos in this house. 

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@Lila Belle wrote:
S'Mores were the best !!!

I didn't like the brownie batter.

The S'mores were so good. My favorite Oreo. I wish they would bring them back. 

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I saw it in the ad.  I bet it's really sweet.  I like the thins.

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Re: Another new Oreo

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Yuk all of these new cookies and/or flavored potato chips etc are nothing but chemicals. Would not waste my $$

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I saw them just this past Friday at Wal-Mart and stumbled a bit over my feet trying not to grab it and just keep going. I was drooling all the way out of the store and fighting with myself.

I did resist but only because I had already bought a treat the day before for the week-end.  I did think about the cookies a couple of times in the last couple of days.  I am sure I will try them soon. 

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LOVE the thin ones but my new cookie jones is the Trader Joe's cinnamon grahams. They hardly make it home from the store so I buy 2 packages.

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I remember seeing the Red Velvet Cake Oreo in CVS not long ago. I was almost going to buy it but I'm a WW Lifetime member and I thought they weren't point worthy!