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Re: Another free gift no longer available story

@Goodie2shoes - I'd say the $10 gift certificate was a nice compromise.  You can use it for whatever you want and you've already said you were running low on the items you ordered.


Technically, Macy's didn't have to do anything since it was "while supplies last".


I had a similar issue with the Philosophy website.  I ordered to get a specific free gift bag.  Got my order - no GWP.  I contacted them and was told "Sorry, it was so popular, we ran out of stock".  But they were still advertising it, when I ordered and my invoice also listed it.


They sent me a substitute GWP, when I contacted them.  It wasn't what I wanted (something I already had), but it wasn't worth pursuing any further.  On the flip side, when something happened while placing another order and I wasn't able to add my "free samples", they gave me a choice of getting additional ones on a future order or extra reward points on my account.  I chose that and now have $10 to spend on something else.


You have to pick your battles carefully.