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She moved on few months ago

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@lolakimono- Thank you.  I somehow missed that thread.

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I missed that thread, too, and have been missing Annabelle's lively posts recently. 


Thanks for the info and I hope she is well and enjoying the holiday season.

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I miss her too ,and I hope she returns. She always had something fun ,or interesting to post


I liked the fact she posted so clearly ,and in depth ,about things. I think she was one of our best writers

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I miss her.  Her insight and straightforward down-to-earth manner helped me through some really bad days.


I hope she comes back.  

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Another friend missing sweet @Annabellethecat66! ❤️ 


Wishing her and her family a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Hope she returns refreshed after taking a break. Not the same here without her. 

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Anyone can just click on her name and see her last post was on Oct. 2.  She also says she e-mails with another poster who is posting today.  



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Taking a break is always good~

but missing you~!


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@cherryThank you for the link, Cherry.


I just sent her a fall card.  I'll let her know you lovely ladies are thinking of her.Smiley Happy



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@stevieb  I miss her and hope she comes back soon.  As to your speculation about why she may have left,  I too find it a bit frustrating.  So many interesting threads that are closed for reasons that I don't get.  Others that should be gone IMO last much longer than they should.