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She was a long time paramour to Bob Fosse and his protege when he and Gwen Verdon had drifted apart. She began her career with a small role on Broadway in  Fosse's Pippin in 1972 as a dancer. I remember she did a guest spot on Cosby where she was married to Robert Culp  on the episode. 

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I only just heard she passed away today, I think she died over the weekend. She was a great talent, may she rest in peace.

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Awww. I did not even know this. I always loved the sleek and sultry glam of Bob Fosse's choreography and her contributions to his later-era career; from when I saw the PBS version of the 2001 musical she'd co-directed about him (obviously, ten-times more classy than that completely weird '70s movie "All That Jazz"). There's a woman that was one of her protegés, by the name of Dana Moore (also from that show), whom is a wonderfully talented veteran dancer much in the same vein I'm sure will keep Ms. Reinking's legacy alive to future Dance students.