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An Afternoon With Nature

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This afternoon my brother and I spent 4 hours visiting at a state park near our town.  He brought his 2 dogs.  We were joined by up to 6 cottontail rabbits at one point, lots of quail, 1 chipmunk, cactus wrens, a cardinal and some other birds.  My brother had put out some bird seed before I got there.  It was so nice and peaceful while gazing at the beautiful Superstition Mountains.    

P.S.  I forgot the most exciting part.  A javelina walked by with her 2 babies about 10 feet away from us.  

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Re: An Afternoon With Nature

That's my idea of a perfect afternoon 😊

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Re: An Afternoon With Nature

Now, that is what I consider the perfect day! I have to go look up what a javelina is, lol.