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Before I had Prime it was $25 for free shipping so I'd spend time looking for something to add to what I actually wanted. Now I have Prime and charge everything to my Amazon Chase credit card and get 5% cash back, 6% for auto delivery.


i also order from Target, use my Red Card, get free shipping and 5% off at check out. 


Added value when Amazon has hard to find items that I want. 


The other day I needed coffee filters so I just ordered coffee filters, around $4, and got free delivery. 

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Amazon is very tricky with the free shipping.  You need to check the free shipping box.  

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You should be able to get free shipping on most items if your order is more than 35 dollars.

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@catter70 wrote:

Is there a secret to getting the free shipping on Amazon without having prime? I tried to order something today and it was $40.00 and it said it qualified for free shipping. When I went to check out, it had charged me $6.99 shipping. Seemed like the only way to get the free shipping was to do a trial 30 day prime. I don't want to have to remember to cancel it as this is the first time I've ordered from there in 2 years and that isn't something I would normally do. I'm not big on online ordering as many of you are. I didn't see anywhere to click on to get the free shipping. Seems to me that if it qualifies it should just be an automatic thing.

Shipping should be free when you spend $35 or more on something, however, sometimes they might have to be items that qualify, and they might have to be items that ship directly from Amazon.


You'll see all this on the item page when you're choosing your item/s. You have to read the item page description carefully.


Sometimes you may be charged a shipping charge if your item is being shipped directly to you from a third-party vendor, and is not coming from an Amazon warehouse.