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Amazon has patented a process to allow people to "vet" gifts before they are sent!

Amazon spends a great deal of money every year processing returns for gifts that people don't like. THey are patenting a process which would allow people to create profile settings which would allow them to specify that gifts ordered from certain people could be "vetted" by the receipient before the item is sent. In other words you coud keep a list of "lousy gift givers" in your profile and Amaszon would send you a E Mail if someone on your list ordered something for you and you could choose to accept it or convert it to something else.

Amazon's idea has raised the ire of the Miss Manners crowd who thinks the entire idea to be in very bad taste. They think that receiving a E Mail announcing a forthcoming gift and being able to accept it or not and check the price is in vry poor taste.

What do you all think???