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When you make purchases on amazon, make sure its says PRIME in description. The word will be obvious (I think it the word is in yellow and blue). Someone also said not everything is eligible for prime shipping. The primary reason I went with prime is I take college classes and my books are cheaper than at my college bookstore. 

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there are several shipping prices you have to make sure it's marked on the free prime shipping button.


if you know for sure you won't continue prime you could go in your account and check off do not continue, you will not be charged after 30 days and you will still get the free trail  for 30 days, I have personally done that 

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Thank you all so very much for the information.  I guess that some of the items I ordered are not covered under Prime.  It was shipping and handling that provoked my question.   They had not yet added the tax.  I'm very grateful for all of your responses as now I know.  I don't think I'll keep the Prime so will be watching as the 30 days approach and will be sure to opt out way before then.

I will try logging out and signing back in just to make sure.  Thanks again.  docsgirl

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It's me again.  I just checked the items I am planning to order and not one of them is eligible for Prime. I saw the Prime symbol on some other items but not on mine.  I know I want them and they are less expensive than other place I've checked so I'll just purchase them and be happy to have them.  Again, thanks so much.  docsgirl

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docsgirl  -  while you have your free trial for Prime, check out all the FREE movies and TV shows you can watch!  There is also free music you can stream.


I think Amazon Prime is wonderful!

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@willdob3 wrote:

Not everything on Amazon is free S&H with Prime. Products will state that they are Prime - will have the logo if they are available with Prime. 


All Prime eligible items are shipped free. Thats the perk.

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In addition to free shipping, sometimes the prime price is cheaper than the price for those without prime. 


As mentioned, check out the free movies.  Not sure if you can do this in the thirty day trial, but with prime you can borrow many (often even best sellers)  kindle books for free - one per calendar month.

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This isn't related to Amazon Prime, but I just received an email from Walmart - sounds like they are testing something similar. Two day shipping for $49/year. Like Prime, no minimum order required. Not sure if it's being rolled out to everyone or if they selected a few for the pilot launch.
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Even if you are a Prime member, if you order from Prime Pantry you will pay a flat S&H fee of $5.95. And yes, you do get movies with the 30 day trial.


Any way you look at it, I think $99. a year is well worth it. The two-day delivery is a charm. Sometimes items on a three day delivery will arrive a day early. Love Amazon, but you have to be a savvy shopper.