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Re: Amazon Ordering Question



Thank you some of this info. I have mentioned my experience in working over 30 years in 100+° temperatures for over 30 years. No AC, and most of the machines in the building melted plastic, in many different forms. Lowest temps to melt were 400°, most were 525° extruder heads, all putting out heat and some, polyvinyl chloride fumes.


Our factory was also very big. What job you worked made the difference in hitting the mens room(all men back then). Think there were 3 of them in that whole building.


My bosses, that had been there for awhile, didn't bother us. They knew we were doing things to keep machines running that were not in our job description. They bother us, we quit doing jobs machinists should be doing. And machines might be sitting idle for 1-3 hours before one showed up. It was our trade off and all Supers wanted good outputs, or they had to answer to their bosses.


Nobody timing our 20 minute lunches or 10 minute breaks. Same tradeoff with the Super. Other than the heat/lifting 60-80# reels of wire all shift, and breathing toxic fumes, it was a good job.


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Re: Amazon Ordering Question

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My last experience with Amazon was not what I expected.


I was looking for Paul Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar salad dressing. It was discontinued so I wanted to try and find it before it disappeared.  


I found it in a market in San Francisco. So I ordered 6 bottles at an unreasonable price. But I figured it was worth it.


Waited and waited for delivery. Finally about 2 weeks later, I got a box from Walmart. It contained 6 bottles of Classic Oil and Vinegar. It was not what I ordered. I could walk into any grocery and get Classic Oil and Vinegar at a reasonable price. 


Lesson learned. 

@drizzellla    I hope you returned it.


@Kachina624 Couldn't. Was never marked as delivered by Amazon because even though it was ordered on Amazon, it was delivered by Walmart.