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What keeps ringing in my head is something you said,  "We have been friends for a very long time".  To me, that says you must enjoy her friendship. Something has obviously kept this relationship going for a long time.  Usually that includes give and take. If you feel that is out of balance, saying something about it gives the friendship a better chance to thrive.  The way she reacts to your feelings might just tell you what kind of a friend she really is.

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If it were me, I sure wouldn't mind paying, especially if she's a good friend. So yes, imo, it's silly to be offended. Who cares who won what? 

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All this over five dollars?  


I would have paid and not given it a second thought.  I'm just not seeing this as a big deal or a problem at all.

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Best to let it go. If you decided to pay, then it is on you.


It's  already history so don't "stew" over it.

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I would have paid for dinner, parking, AND gave her the money she lost..just the way I am :-)

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Re: Am I too critical ?

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Humpty Dumpty........What I would have said to a friend like that is, take a good long look at your money, now go break it down because it's your turn to pay for parking, (smiling when spoken).  


Sure, it's nice to have a nice round number to take home but it's not nice to be a nut about it and ruin someone else's day.