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@mspatmac wrote:

Walmart has added a number of 3rd party sellers to their .com site and I suspect more coming since the launch of their yearly subscription fee.  Really trying to after Amazon,


I ordered a product from, but it was a third party seller.  WM makes it difficult to only order from their store.  At least it's easy to mess up and order from a third party.


I needed to return the item from the third party (which I didn't realize I ordered from) and it was a horrible experience.  


WM may want to model it after Amazon, but believe me Amazon is so much better. 


I rarely go to WM, and I'll never order anything from them again.

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Wal-Mart carries Michael Kors handbags they are also available on their website👜👛🛍

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They also have many nice surprises in other departments.  I used to go to look for a lot of household things.  Fill the slot of a wonderful dime/general goods store.  Good prices on appliances too.