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Holidays are about pushing it down your throat.   They make it so much about commercialism and materialism.  


I get so tired of the advertising push for everything these days.   QVC had so many of the same items on hour after hour, day after day during this holiday buying time.   The variety was not very good.


Holidays have lost their meaning.  If you can't keep up with them, then you feel bad.



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valentines out by Christmas eve has been going on for too many years to count

the same thing for Easter candy starting new years day

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@Othereeeen wrote:

Only six more months til Christmas in July starts again...( which QVC starts in JUNE!!!)

Please God No !   I abhor that ****

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I have a family member who works for Hershey.  They have been making Easter candy for weeks now.  The Valentine candy is already made and has been sent out.


Big candy companies have taken orders well in advance and start production of holiday candy months ahead.  They have to.


Why the surprise?  This has been a normal happening since forever.

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@millieshops wrote:

@Othereeeen   Lol. Lots of people will start to shop for Hanukkah/Christmas 2022 next week!   They don't let the retailers dictate the best time to buy.

Yes, and don't forget that the Orthodox Christians celebrate  Christmas on January 7th.  They take advantage of all the sales.


Where I live, many people keep all Christmas decorations up until after January 7th.  It is unheard of to take  everything down on Dec 26.

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@sometimesQVCaddict wrote:
Hershey, PA (original headquarters for Hershey chocolate company) does make a few things still although most I believe is made elsewhere. Fabulous place to visit if you're in the area!

Home Goods 2 weeks ago had Valentines & Easter/Spring stuff out! I've never seen completely bare aisles like that before though 😳. They really didn't have much & probably put out whatever they had.

Most of the Hershey products are still made in Hershey, PA.  There are some items that are made elsewhere, but the bulk of things are still manufactured in Hershey.





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Almost every store does this now. No way they can say there is a supply chain issue. 

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@hckynutjohn wrote:


@Nataliesgramma wrote:

I guess those ships had no trouble coming in....LOL






Is there still a Hershey in the United States, and do they make chocolate bars etc.? Probably do not move by ship.


 Just a side note. Valentines Day to me is my most important day of the year, and my wife loves chocolate. 







I think they moved their factory to Mexico.

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I want to thank you for remembering my posting of my family history. That is exactly why my wife agreed when I asked her to marry me on that specific day. It brought a never ending happiness to, what was for prior decades, a day and date full of sadness.


Best wishes to you and yours from my wife and I,



hckynut 🏒

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I was in Walmart a couple days ago and the one candy isle where the boxed candies were previously, was wiped out!  I'm sure they will have already stocked the Valentine candy as the OP has stated!  

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