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I have little to no knowledge about guns.  So I would NOT handle one.  My understanding is they have someone/someones on movie sets to handle them safely.  I also know you NEVER point a gun at someone unless YOU know what you are doing, and you have checked it is not loaded.


I am not sure why Baldwin even handled the gun, much less pointed it at someone.  And he should have not spoken out about it at all.  I know that must be hard, but you don't talk without your lawyer in such a tragedy.



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There is a simulation about the tragedy.  It clearly shows AB pointing the gun directly at Halyna and firing. 


You just do not point a gun at a person-especially since they were not filming a scene because Halyna was not a character.


And once again-after watching his interview with Stephanopolous(sp) where he said he DID NOT PULL THE TRIGGER and actually blamed her....I have no sympathy at all for the man.  I don't hate him; I just find him arrogant.


He needs to pull up his big boy pants and take ownership.  Period.


@hckynutjohn   Your posts are excelent summaries regarding gun usage.



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I don't follow but heard that Alec has posted that everything will be alright

on social media. True, his page and he can post what he wants.


Halayna's family is not alright, so sad. 

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For those who believe that it is not AB's fault, consider this:


What if a teen was texting while driving a car, or if someone/anyone  looked down for a moment to light a cigarette or look at their GPS while driving, hit another car, or even a pedestrian?

And what if there was a fatality?


YES, it would be a terrible tragedy, but they would be at fault nonetheless.

Just as I believe that AB is for pointing and shooting that gun.


It remains to be seen what will happen.

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There are at least a half dozen principals involved in this case.  So far everyone of them is suing all the others over at least one issue, maybe more.  Mathematically, I wonder how many lawsuits are involved and how long will this incident play out in the courts?  We hear a lot more about it locally than is reported nationally.  I'm weary of hearing about it and now change the TV when it hits the news.  It's just become "he said, she said".

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Exactly. Someone placed live ammo in the supply drawer or wherever they keep that locked up.
Who would do that?
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If someone gave me a gun and told me it wasn't loaded, I still would check it myself, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", in this case, millions pound of cure.  A human being is dead, Alec Balwin was so arrogant when he said in an interview "I'm not responible, someone is but not me".  This is very sad, I'll be praying and thinking of this young woman's family.  

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Re: Alec Baldwin Case

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It does not surprise me that Alec Baldwin would play the victim card. That's how Hollywood plays life. Never responsible and usually entitled.

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Lots of judgment here clearly without knowledge of the particulars.  Many people had access, some should have been hands-on responsible, some who had access were not even on the site at the time of the shooting(s).  This is why so many are trying to cover their backsides with lawsuits.  
I have an opinion and it's only that: Production was running too fast with too much pressure that caused sloppiness.  And no, AC did not produce that aspect of the movie. There was too much pressure to save money causing qualified people to not be hired.  Positions that should have been filled were not and had to be covered by less qualified people doing double duty.  Exhaustion and frustration was hard on key people. The gun went off during a practice, the victim was directing AC where to point the gun.  The hammer slipped causing the gun to fire.  Had there not been a hot round in it, the slip would have been moot.  A series of missteps, mishaps, and sheer frugality that may border on (or proven  to be) criminality occurred.  What is certain, an accident occurred as a result.
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Investigation is slow. Must need more time to do the job.