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I remember Steve Bryant doing these shows.  Very entertaining and informative.  And he wore a suit, not PJ's.  Had to get that dig in!!!

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@ProudMa wrote:

Saw a valuation of a fenton pitcher...300-400


Rembering their shows...Loved the presentations and the family that represented them...




Love Fenton...and vintage/antique artglass in general. I started collecting back in 2004 and it was sad when they stopped shows on QVC. We have a curio and wall unit filled with their pieces...a few are actually antiques...carnival glass.


My fave pieces are actually from the 30's-50's, but I enjoy them all Smiley Very Happy

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@amyb wrote:

(I tried to post a pic of the vase...said "file too large"...tried to make smaller, didn't work.)

Sometimes I can post pics, most times not...oh well.

You can get a free account at, upload your photos there then post the direct link to each photo here. I'd love to see your photos!

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Re: Ahh rembering Fenton

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My mother bought two Fenton pieces from QVC around the year 2000, I guess, since the pink basket has a round sticker that says "1905-2000". Here are photos of them. She thinks each piece was close to $100 each but doesn't have the invoices, darn it.




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I so enjoy my pretty blue salt and pepper Fenton. I admire it everyday.

Fenton Glass Celeste Blue Iridized Salt and Pepper Shakers | eBay | Fenton  glass, Salt and pepper set, Shakers

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I have a soft-cover book, "Fenton Glass Especially for QVC" by James Measell. @lopsie2, your mother's pitcher was sold in 1999 for $95. It's turquoise blue glass, with a heart-shaped top and decorated with peonies and a butterfly. It was designed by Martha Reynolds. The basket was sold in 2000 for $135. It is iridized rosalene glass with a square twisted handle and ribbon candy lily crimp, hand painted with purple tulips.
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@silkyk: Your salt and pepper shakers sold in 1995 for $40. They are iridized celeste blue glass with an embossed rose pattern.
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I have several pieces of Fenton hobnail milkglass given to me by my grandmother.  I also have a very unique bowl that is a light blue but has these vial like inserts.  


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@Helena852, your bowl is an epergne (rhymes with "a fern"). Bill Fenton used to love to tell a story on-air about a family member (maybe Frank Fenton) who visited a retailer when Fenton first offered epergnes. The retailer wanted to place a large order for more of "those ep-per-genes." And the family member confirmed they'd get going on filling the ep-per-gene order.
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I have to agree about Fenton and Petersboro baskets.  I never bought much from the Q but those shows were the best.

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