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Ahh rembering Fenton

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Saw a valuation of a fenton pitcher...300-400


Rembering their shows...Loved the presentations and the family that represented them...



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Me too. Loved Peterboro baskets, Victor Costa, Jade shows, George Simonton etc. The glory days ofQvc


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Fenton Glass made pretty items.....I enjoyed those shows.


I was a fan of the Peterboro basket shows too, @iMW .  I still use mine....they look like new, and are very useful around the house.  One of the larger ones holds throws next to my couch.

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Even though I rarely bought things, the shows were a delight to watch.


I do have a few items that I still love, but didn't buy them from QVC.



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I loved the Fenton shows--- I bought pieces for myself and also for gifts---  I still have a basket and a cat figurine I bought from them.....

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I too loved the Fenton shows!

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I too enjoyed those shows. I once Googled the company, knowing it was closing...and how sad to see the building and all destroyed. End of another old American company and era.

I have a beautiful light green vase I purchased at the Q, and also a blue covered dish my BF's mom gave to me one Christmas, I keep jewelry in. I also have one figurine my mom bought me.


(I tried to post a pic of the vase...said "file too large"...tried to make smaller, didn't work.)

Sometimes I can post pics, most times not...oh well.

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I'm another who loved to watch their shows.  Not sure I bought much, but they did have lovely items.

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I remember meeting Bill Fenton's son, when he become president of the company after Bill's passing. This was at a collector's show inn 1999; unfortunately he too passed,shortly thereafter.

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I always liked Fenton, especially older / antique pieces.  Many years ago I bought my Mom a pair of green  hurricane Fenton lamps.  I now have them.  In the town that my parents grew up in, there was a house (an old victorian type house) that belonged to the well to do family in town.  One of the windows was floor to ceiling and filled with Fenton pieces.  Mostly very old pieces.  The son, who really never worked a day in his life I was told, sold all the pieces for cash after his mother passed.