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Thanks for this thread.  We used to collect Fenton and still have a house full of it.  It's all gorgeous -- but what we loved most was that it was all hand made right here in the USA.  Family owned.  Talented artists who took pride in their work.    Too bad so few appreciate that anymore.


We also watched all the Fenton shows and taped them (VCR days!) to watch again.  There was a big Fenton store here and members of the Fenton family used to come to visit.  We had lunch with George Fenton one day -- that was a big thrill for us. 



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I have a soft-cover book, "Fenton Glass Especially for QVC" by James Measell. @lopsie2, your mother's pitcher was sold in 1999 for $95. It's turquoise blue glass, with a heart-shaped top and decorated with peonies and a butterfly. It was designed by Martha Reynolds. The basket was sold in 2000 for $135. It is iridized rosalene glass with a square twisted handle and ribbon candy lily crimp, hand painted with purple tulips.

Thank you so much for that info!

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Sadly, Fenton doesn't have the value it once had.  Look at "the bay" online auction site and most items that sell are under $50. Younger generations don't want collectibles. An item is only worth what someone else would pay.


My mother collected Hummels and paid a fortune for some that are now almost worthless.


But I still think Fenton items are so beautiful. I wonder if younger generations one day will go back to valuing things like that as well.

@busymom22, I learned a lesson about any collecting: Buy it because you love it, not because you think you'll make money down the road.


In my collecting days, I purchased Fenton, along with other companies' products. We once collected Russian boxes. They are stunning and were very pricey. Well, then the Soviet Union collapsed into various countries, and that was the end. I still love them, though.

I so agree with you!  My mother used to collect dolls (anyone remember Marie Osmond doll shows?) She had many expensive baby dolls and displayed them throughout her house.  We're talking tens of thousands of dollars, some were  "specially signed" or "limited edition".  That era is gone and when my mother passed we ended up giving most away as you cannot sell them.  But they gave my mother so much joy during her life that we do not consider that a waste.


My uncle collected Swarovski crystals and was an exclusive member of their special club.  He had several hundred when he passed and left that as an "inheritance" to my sister.  He too spent many thousands.  My sister could not sell them either but my uncle also enjoyed them during his life.