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After explantation did you replace or leave well enough alone?

I am not new to the boards even though it says I only have 2 posts. I do not contribute a lot but do read them almost every day and have learned a lot. My activity says I only have 2 posts and I'm not sure where that comes from since I know I have responded more than twice (more so many years ago). Anyway, I am now facing a dilemma and choice I must make. I was hoping that I could get some sage advice from the women on these boards. I first asked this on the Health and Wellness board but have not received any responses. So, I am bringing to the Viewpoints category since it appears that is where the action is. Here is my original post:

I have had implants since 1986. First silicone, then in 2003 I replaced them with saline. That was the thing to do at the time because of all the concern about silicone implants. Now after less then 8 years, one of the saline implants has begun leaking. It is a slow leak, but nevertheless I still need to remove them. Now, comes my I replace again or not? I have been reading many forums and many women who have chosen to go back to the way there were originally seem happy. However, a lot of these women felt that their implants were making them sick and once they were out they felt better. I do not nor ever had any medical issues with my implants. I was just a tall girl who was a size A originally who always felt that bigger breasts (size C) would look better and more proportioned. I am now a size 14 and if I do not replace them I wonder how unattractive I will look (to myself). Will I be very saggy because of the stretched skin? I'd like to hear back from any of you women who have gone through this or know of someone who has gone through this. I've read that the breast tissue starts to "fluff up" and skin start to look better about 6 months after explantation. Is that really true? I am 59 and my skin is not as resilient as it used to be.

If you did not replace yours are you happy that you did not?

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