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When I read the title, I thought senior pets or senior citizens.  I do not see why anyone would "adopt" a high school or college senior.  I think everyone understands that they are missing out on a real graduation, and the high school seniors are missing their prom.  It is unfortunate, but it cannot be helped.   Also, no one should want their child's name on a list with picture, name, address, and phone number so that a stranger can see it.  That is just irresponsible in my opinion.  I do seem to have many opinions today.


While this is a difficult time for many, I think this is an ideal time for every one of them to take a good look at the world that does not revolve around them and make a conscious decision to make a real difference.   Almost all of us, unless very old, have never had to deal with anything like this, but they have an opportunity to make real advancements for everyone's future. This should be expressed by family, friends, and schools.


As far as pets and senior citizens, I would like to hear more from our elected officials and news media about adopting them.  With strong safeguards in place, this is where it is needed.

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I live in a small rural farming community and this was started as a Facebook group about a month ago.  It was done as a way to let the seniors know we feel for them missing some of their senior year of school with their friends, missing prom and missing graduation.  It was all volunteer and community members could adopt as many kids as they wanted and all the seniors were adopted by more than one person/family.  I think the suggested amount to spend was $25.00 but I know some kids received gifts with higher values.


The seniors (or their parents) have posted pictures of themselves with their gift(s) and everyone has been so appreciative of the thoughtfulness.  I became aware of the group towards the end when everyone had already been picked several times over and it was hard to decipher which kids had the least amount of community sponsors.  Therefore, I ended up not picking a senior or two.

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