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No, there is no one in my life that I am fearful of. Quite the opposite. I feel very protected.

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A couple of nights ago, LR was doing the last show of the day and she introduced Albany as the next host who would be doing the TSV for the next day.

Albany was obviously in one of her more hyper moods . . . she was screaming and gesticulating wildly about the new TSV.

When the camera went back to LR, she said, in monotone, "She frightens me."

All by myself, I laughed for 15 minutes.

[I'm sure it was all in fun . . . yep.]

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My door is locked for YOUR protection, not mine. Im locked and loaded.
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I'm neither afraid, nor very afraid, of anyone in our family.

What worries you masters you.
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Yes, afraid in a way, at the idea that if she were to show up, I have no idea what she is like now. I have a mentally ill sister who murdered her husband , and was suspected in two other deaths that remain unsolved. She disappeared many years ago and I have no idea where she is.