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On 7/1/2014 Danky said: Recently I read of the murder of an 80 year old woman. Her doorbell rang around 1:00 a.m. and she determined the visitors were her daughter-in-law and a friend who had driven up from Florida to attend a wedding and wanted a place to stay for the night. She opened the door, turned her back to walk up the stairs and they proceeded to beat her, strangle her and stab her to death. The motive being her $4 million estate. My question is.......IS THERE SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY OF WHOM , DEEP IN YOUR HEART, YOU ARE AFRAID ?

I have a cousin who is mentally ill with schizophrenia. She lives in a distant state. I would not trust her in my home.

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No, I don't have 4 million $$$.

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Certainly not afraid of anyone in my family, but up till the end of last September I was renting a studio in a private home. The woman who was my landlord has several murderers in her family, a niece who has served her time (she murdered two children when she was 18) and is now free, and her brother who murdered his wife and is in jail. This niece had a son who last summer murdered two relatives of the woman he had married. He then was driving this way (where I lived) but stopped at a homeless encampment and murdered a homeless man, then killed himself. After the fact, I found out that he was on his way to where I live(d) to confront more family members in this area. I have since moved out of that house.

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lssiestorm: Oh my gosh.............luck was on your side. Unfortunately, not so re: the homeless man.........

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I'm not afraid of family members because most of my family is dead. I really have very few relatives at this point. And I doubt any of them are interested in coming to New Mexico to do me harm.

However, I'm a psychiatric nurse and I see and hear things that have me a little worried. There are people in the community who are dangerous. Many of our patients who are considering suicide want to drive their cars into other cars.

I feel the need to explain to them that suicide is a personal, individual thing. Killing others is homicide. So now, in addition to the drunk and drugged-out drivers on the road, and the ones who are on their phones (a texting driver killed my Subaru two years ago), I now have to consider the suicidal drivers who want to drive into my vehicle.

That's a bit unnerving, but life can be dangerous. We must proceed. But proceed with caution.

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On 7/2/2014 ROMARY said:

lssiestorm: Oh my gosh.............luck was on your side. Unfortunately, not so re: the homeless man.........

Thanks for replying Romary. I only hope that the homeless man is in a better place now, but I wish he could have gone there some other way than being murdered.

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On 7/2/2014 jubilant said:

I found out a couple of years ago when my DH had to be hospitalized that I was more afraid than I thought. I had never spent a night alone since we have been married. My daughter knew how exhausted I was and offered to send one of my teenage grandson's over but I said no. Poor decision on my part. I heard every noise you could hear and more! I thought I needed to be "brave" and be a "biggy girl"...instead I was over the top just plain scared. I think if I had my big "Aussie" I wouldn't have been so scared. If I am left alone one day, I am pretty sure I will have to get a BIG dog. I do have "protection" in the house but I don't keep it loaded.

I have a big dog. And my "protection" IS loaded. Empty protection is nothing more than a club.