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Well I did use my iron this morning to press a few placemats.  So that's it for me for a few months.Smiley Very Happy

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I only iron when absolutely necessary, but I do steam my top every day.  Well, not the last four months when I'm barely changing my top every day lol

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Yes I iron. Don't mind it. It was one of my chores when I was in my teens. I have very distinct memories of ironing in the summer with the drapes closed against the heat (no a/c) and the big black iron or whatever it was made out of fan rotating onto to me. For whatever reason it is a good memory. 

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I remember ironing sheets as a child.  I sure hope that's a false memory, I can't think of anything more time wasting.  Anyway, yes I iron.  Or I think about it.  I bought a new cheapie from Walmart to replace my leaking 150.00 Rowenta several months ago.  Its still in the box.  

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I bought an expensive iron years ago and I do iron from time to time.  I don't mind it at all.  I find it relaxing.  LM

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I haven't used my iron is years. I have a portable steamer.I use it often. 1 2 3 it's done!!