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Hi Spurt.   If your cell phone is an iPhone, use the "Do not disturb" feature.    It will let all calls coming in ring IF it is in your contact list.   You can answer or let it go to VM.  If the call is from someone not in your contacts list, it will go to voice mail.   They can leave a message (which friends and family will) or not leave one (most robo calls).   You don't even hear the phone ring with the latter.


I did add people to my contacts list that I wanted to know were calling but I didn't have to because they could have left a VM for me.   It has made a huge difference for us.   No ringing from robo or spam calls.   


If your phone isn't an iPhone , I don't know but I suspect many smartphones have the Do Not Disturb feature.   Good luck.



Thanks for sharing all that great info.  Unfortunately I have a Samsung Android phone and maybe that's what the difference is.  

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