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I'm not really worried about it. I won't have to pay if someone uses my card. It's happened to us several times. I'm sure it will happen again. If someone uses your card & you still have your card & have not lost it the place the charges were made are the ones out of the money not the bank & not you.



Yes, that's true, BUT will the info they captured (name, address etc) be used in some other way---opening an account under your name, or a gateway to gather more info on you for identity theft???


I was reading an article that even a name/address is worth something to online criminals..........


And if they have your name/address and live in your area.....Here is what on expert says: SCARY STUFF!!


It is theoretically probable that someone wanting RFID information can go to a bank of mailboxes and use one of the illegal readers. It is a felony on several counts, but the rewards are enticing, and made easier since they know your billing address (cards are always sent to the billing address).


Some mailboxes appear to be metal, but are not. Sometimes not enclosed enough to block RF on all six sides. Or a person with a reader can cruise down the street checking plastic mailboxes, or pulling open the front of the metal ones, especially where they are close together.


Worse yet, a postal employee could be doing it, in the mail sorting area of the USPS. Of course this would involve a more sophisticated piece of equipment to segregate the signals and data, but once again, rich rewards are quite enticing.





Well so far nothing else has happened. First time someone used one of our cards was over 15 yrs ago.

Im pretty sure each time one of our cards was used was after a purchase online so IMO the thief was someone working for the place I ordered from & used our cc # to go shopping.

All I get in my mail is junk mail other then when they renew the cc. I know when it's coming & get it out of the mailbox when they deliver it. I have Informed Delivery from the Post Office so I know when it's coming. We don't have any cards with RFID.

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There is a scam going around my area at least  (SouthernCalifornia) I shared it on my neighborhood page..


Computerized voice saying they are from Amazon and that someone tried to accessed my account and make a large purchase..from Dayton Ohio, gave an IP address and a phone number for me to call if I DIDNT make this "purchase"..


Of courseit is phishing, but of course it is worriesome


Amazon is aware of it andtrying to shut it down and they re-iterated to me that every purchase I make, I will receive an email  confirmation


BTW, the bogus phone number I was supposed to call was 408-516-4166

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You think you can't get hacked - especially if your password protected, but I had my Outlook e mail acct hacked. They had to close my acct to stop the activity on it. It was from somewhere outside the USA was all they knew, and it was using my e mail acct. to send those messages where you turn on your computer and the whole page is a big poison sign saying if you don't send money they will permanently shut down your computer - something like that. Anyway, they had to close down my acct. so I  started a new acct. on a different server. BTW - I wasn't the one who found this - it was Outlook who found it by tracing these poison e mails backward that found it. Who knows how long it had been going on.Always keep in mind that the internet is not at all safe, and EVERYONE who shops online should be on Paypal.

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Scary for you @JeanLouiseFinch. Thanks for the warning.