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1.   I changed my password at work but didn't write it down, so naturally I couldn't remember it the next time I tried to sign in.  I called the help desk and was asked to hold while the tech looked up my password.  A minute later, she came back on:  "Does Stupid sound familiar?"


2.   My last promotion entitled me to a bigger cubicle.  Since I was comfortable where I was, I declined the larger space, but my boss insisted and had maintenance workers expand my cubicle by 18 whole inches.  Once the work was completed, my boss stopped by and with a benevolent grin announced, "Now this is more befitting of your new status."


3.   Scene: Law Office

      Lawyer overheard on the phone with a client:

      Why do you call me when you're trying to name your 

       cats, but you don't call me when you're served a



4.   Nine real people who found their way to the perfect jobs:

Les Mcburney,

formerly of the Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, fire department.

+Andy Drinkwater,

civil engineer for the Water Research Centre in England. 

+Faris Atchoo,

internal medicine doctor in Waterford, Michigan

+Sara Blizzard,

BBC weather person

+Dr. Joshua Butt,

Australian gastroenterologist

+Dr. Ashley Seawright,

Australian ophthalmologist

+Jim Beveridge

master blender at the Johnny Walker distillery

+Tennys Sandgren,

professional tennis player

+Todd Cutright,

logger in Oregon            



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