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Wow, anyone buy their store brand hot sauce?


I went today looking for some. They had it but a few months

ago my last bottle cost 89 cents now it costs a whopping

$1.99. Didn't buy it, not for that price. Store brand too.

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I love Aldi's. Love it. I shop every Friday and then go in during the week if I need something fresh (it's a 10 minute drive away).

That said...


They often have bare shelves. I know better than to hit the store Friday evening through Monday morning as there is NOTHING in stock. I mean, it looks like something out of a Zombie Movie the shelves are so empty. Talking to the employees I see every week, I know when the trucks come in. Problem is, so do those who are doing big bulk shopping. Many churches come in and wipe out the shelves of pasta, bread, canned vegis, fruit cups, pudding cups, etc. I've been there when 6 ladies from a local church, each with 2 carts have removed all the items from one section. During the holidays, they hit up the hams and turkeys. No issue just saying that this is often why items are gone.


Same with camps and daycare (church run). I know our rugby club buys products there to sell at games due to the cost being so much cheaper than Walmart; same with our swim club. I've heard MANY times that Aldi's is cheaper than the Commissary on the base near by. Maybe because I've seen it happen, spoken with people who shop there and with employees, that I see the shelves bare due to so many shopping there and not because of the products never arriving.


This may change, however. Last week I purchased the last package of toilet paper we use that was sitting on the palette. Next to it, the other toilet paper types and papertowels was a cart holding a palette to replace the now empty one. I noticed the price tag and realized something: the pack I was going to purchase was $4.99. The palette about to slide in and be unwrapped had the price of $8.99- for the SAME TYPE of toilet paper! DOUBLE the price. 


I asked the cashier about it and she confirmed that prices were going up, way up. They had been warned in a meeting about it, My son popped in for something and I asked him to check the cost of toilet pepper; yep, the new price is now $8.99. That is not going to go down either, we all know that. *sigh*