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HSN was selling one the other day by Phillips who supposedly invented air fryers. 


My full size kitchen stove has a convection oven setting so I don't think I need this but I also think this would be something that would take up space and rarely get used.  I'm foreseeing this being sold at a lot of garage sales next year come spring.




Does using the "convection oven setting" still heat up the kitchen like a 1 of the other regular oven settings? My wife uses a toaster oven a lot in hot weather because the oven throws out way too much heat.


Been thinking of buying her an air fryer for that reason. Most of what I eat regularly does not need to be cooked, I prefer raw veggies and fruits. She eats differently than myself.


Thanks to you or anyone that can answer this for me.




hckynut(john) hubby gets irritated if I turn on the oven during hot weather so I got one of the countertop Hamilton Beach ovens. It bakes, broils and has a convection setting......use it all the time during the summer. It came from Bed Bath and Beyond and I think I have used it for 3 years now. Also nice to have when I need another oven for Holiday cooking.