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I'm signed up to receive the Anna Griffin Embossing folders on autoship. On "the Southern network's" website (can I say the name?) is another set of her embossing folders that you can buy. I was always under the impression that these sets that you can buy are part of the autoships that we receive at a lower price. WRONG. This embossing folder set is not anything that I've/we've received.

So my question is: For those of you who get the embossing folder autoships, do you also buy these other sets up for sale?

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Hi Norsky Gal, I haven't bought any that I haven't received on auto-ship because I feel like I have a good variety from her plus I have a number of punches from Martha Stewart. I've never looked at what sets were available on HSN's website because it is not safe for my wallet to browse like that.:-)