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@sharke wrote:

I'm tired of plucking chin hairs all the time. My main gripe. Don't mind shaving legs, etc. Just hate getting in the car checking my face and screaming "da*n hair that is so little, but, I can see it" LOL then going to get haircut and I'm all self conscious about that tiny hair.


Somebody needs to invent something painless !



None of it - shaving, waxing, tweezing or the Emjoi - is painless. Well...Nair maybe, but who wants to go there...


A word of caution - the Emjoi may not pick up every hair on the neck and under the chin. There are times I have to look in the mirror and go over a spot multiple times before the Emjoi picks it up. But it's still better (for me) than paying to have it waxed every three weeks. 

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Re: A289981 Emjoi

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@sharke I've had several epilator type of shavers and they all hurt like heck.  Then I discover this Panasonic razor at Amazon and I've lived happily ever after.  It's rechargeable but seems to go forever on a charge, can be used wet or dry, give a very smooth shave and can be used anywhere on longer or very short hairs.  It's also cheap.   I've recommended this to many people and everyone raves about it. 



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I have one of these and use it on my arms and legs. Some places on my legs the hair hasn't returned. My arm hair is finer, too. I am used to the pain now.

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I remember way back (80s?) when they had this epilator that I believe was called Epilady.   That thing was so painful I don't even have words.


FF to these days and I've been using Emjoi and Braun epilators for years now.


The funny thing with that is that the more you do it, the less hair grows in those areas.  At this point, with my legs, I only get a hair here and there and I hardly even notice until they are around an inch long (oops!).    Legs are always smooth like there was never any hair there.  I probably have about a half a dozen hairs that still grow on each leg!


Doesn't hurt at all.    I've done underarms with that's kind of ouchy but it's worth it if you want to get it to where there is little to no hair there.    Jawline - super easy.  Upper lip area - kinda ouchy still but I don't have much going on there, so it's a 5 second thing.

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You can ask your doctor for an Rx for generic Emla cream. You apply it to the sensitive area about 20 minutes before using the epilator.  It will numb the area enough to make you much more comfortable. Works for flu shots, blood draws, accessing chemo ports, getting needle biopsies, etc. 


or use lidocaine cream cream from the drugstore. It is not usually as effective as the Emla. 

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Re: A289981 Emjoi

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Yes, I have the eRASE that also came with the shaving head in addition to the epilator head which was the TSV a couple years ago. I love mine. 


After I used it a couple times I don't even feel it anymore. It doesn't hurt at all and even the first couple times it was just uncomfortable not actually painful. 

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I was so tired of the constant epilating of my mustache hairs. I finally bought one of those IPL/ RF devices to permanently delete all the hair. I can't tell you how happy that made me.Woman Happy