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Anybody have this epilator ? I bought a epilator one time from Bed and Bath took it back. Hurts like hale. Like being electrocuted in spurts.


Have they improved on the pain aspect ?

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Don't have that one but I recently bought one from Panasonic at Target. It is wonderful. I'm able to use it on my underarms with little pain. 

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I have two of these.  A larger one that I use on my legs, and the smaller one for my face.  I love them.  It takes some getting used to, pain wise, but when you get over the initial pain, it's a breeze.  My sensitive area is my upper lip under my nose, but now it doesn't even bother me at all.  And I love that it is electric, not battery powered.  No batteries to recharge.

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I've been using mine for nearly two years. I feel nothing on my legs anymore. The hair that does grow back is soft. No more prickly legs, ever.


There is some discomfort on the sensitive area above my lips, but it is bearable.


You have to stick with it. The longer you use it, the less pain. I no longer use a razor at all.

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I purchased this one. I have a previous model which was battery operated. I like the corded models better so your speed is consistent. I have smaller hands so this works great for me. I don't know why but some of these devices seem so large and unruly. When it comes to this type of equipment I prefer a more compact style. It comes complete with two types of shave heads and covers, etc. I am really pleased with mine. It's such a nice bonus to myself not to have to shave every day. The price is so budget friendly. 

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Tried not able to handle the pain. The only reason purchased for my face and upper lip. Found "Tinkle" eyebrow razors through youtube channels. Called dermablading, Not only does it remove fine hair exfoliation of dead skin. Uppiebeads routine on YouTube excellent.

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Thanks for all your help !

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I've had this one about two years. There are places I'll use it and places I won't. I bought it primarily for my face and neck and it works well for that. I've gotten used to the face discomfort and I can control the device, unlike being waxed or threaded. I also use it on my legs. I tried it a few times for underarms, and no thank you. Not doing that. But it's going to be different for different people.

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@Sharke definitely get the corded one.  You get used to the sting and after awhile you can go a long time between using it.  My sister got the battery one.  She thought she found something so great.  At Christmas time she tried my Emjoi erase 1 time.  She couldn't order the corded one fast enough !  LOL. My 81 year old mom uses one too.  So much better than shaving and no stubble IMO.  There is a numbing cream I think if you needed it.

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I'm tired of plucking chin hairs all the time. My main gripe. Don't mind shaving legs, etc. Just hate getting in the car checking my face and screaming "da*n hair that is so little, but, I can see it" LOL then going to get haircut and I'm all self conscious about that tiny hair.


Somebody needs to invent something painless !