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@LilacTree   As I was reading your post I was reminded that what we see in others is a direct reflection of ourselves.  I am sorry for your loss.  Your daughter, most likely, will need you even more throughout this challenging time.  I wish for a peaceful transition and much love for your family.

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@LilacTree  As I read your post it reaffirmed what I’ve known since coming are a wonderful, kind, loving person.


You know, in our family my sisters (each divorced 2 times, etc) are all friends with their exhusbands and their wives.


So sorry to hear anyone is going through so much pain and sadness.  


And as for you, dear Lady, you take care of yourself too.  We here are very lucky you are part of this forum.


We benefit from you wise words and kindness.Smiley HappyAnnabellethecat.