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I appreciate notification about Internet scams and I have another one to add to our list.


Kellie Skin Care is advertising a "free trial" jar of skin cream for around $4.  The ads seem to say it was seen on Shark Tank in order to look legit.


This scam is the same as several others in the last few years that tell the purchaser they have a free trial of the face product.  The 2 week trial begins the day the order is placed, but the product takes about 10 days to arrive! 


THEN you will be billed on your next statement for additional items to the tune of around $100!  The phone # for "customer service" is not in service, nor is the email.


DO NOT try these skin care offers!  A fraud counselor I know said she gets about 10 calls a day from people who are trying to re-coup their money.  You won't get it back and all you can do is CANCEL your credit card.  Close your card and do not open a new card off the old one, as you will still get billed by "Kellie".  You must get a totally new card not tied to your old one.


My friend told me this is not a strictly illegal practice, but very questionable.  Don't get tangled up in this mess.

I hope I have stopped someone from considering these offers.


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Wow thanks for the warning. I never sign up for these skincare deals. A friend of mine fell for the Dr Oz weight loss pill years ago and they kept charging her credit card and stopped sending the pills to her. She had to cancel her credit card. 

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This isn't a new scam .... this has been around forever!   They put you on "auto-bill" and it practically takes an act of congress to get out of it!   


BTW .....  there's a company that does this same thing with a free trial size sample of VITAMINS. 


Buyer beware.

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A credit card company should have no trouble making quick work of this kind of scam.  I'd let them handle it. 

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The vitamin company is not a scam if you are talking about PURITY.  You have to call and tell them you don,t wAnt the SUPER SAVER after you get the free offer.  I  order the few I get individuality.  The vitamins are good, but not three bottles at a time, too much.  I just call and cancel.  They have never charged me.  

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I wiould never pay for a free trial/sample of anything! They'll get your credit card number and you're done!!! Free should mean free.

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I saw this ad on facebook yesterday and blocked them.  Now I'm extra glad I did.

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The caveat for any ad or offer that has the word "free" in it --


Free NEVER Means Free.

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I had a similar experience with another company.  I called my credit card company and they took care of the erroneous charges and were able to have all future transactions with the company cancelled.

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I go by the tried and true saying, "If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is."


I also remember what my mother told me, "There is no such thing as a free lunch"



Always, always, always read the fine print, and when you do, you will see the catch.


Basically stop and think and use common sense.