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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

@Moonchilde wrote:

@Love Roses wrote:

Anyone remember ball point pens vs. cartridge ink pens? 


How about transitor radios?



Mine looked like this, with a leather case on it. I think I was 11 when I got it. They were just becoming inexpensive snd plentiful.




I too had a transistor radio with a black leather godmother gave it to me when I was 11 or 12...for Christmas...That was in the brothers were so jealous.


DH and I owned an office machine business for 33 yrs.  retired a year and a half ago...we did see our share of toner spills like pictured in this some copiers  had liquid toner...doing invoicing on a was

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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

@Burnsite wrote:

Great thread, @momtochloe!   In grade school I remember loving the smell of mimeographs, long gone now. 


I learned computers on an OS called CPM, which was then conquered by MS-Dos, the king of    C > and other weird commands. 


I remember when there were no hard drives and I had to format a disk before I could use it.  I remember working with a daisywheel printer (which made the best copies ever, but it took about a minute).  I had a very early "laptop" portable computer that cost thousands of dollars (I had a grant to buy it). It weighed almost 14 pounds.


Years before I remember when I was temping a few days a week when I was in grad school and noticing how amazing the new Selectric typewriters were.  Gone are the days, now, when replacing a typewriter ribbon was a hassle.  Lots of conveniences now, but I still miss the quality of those s-l-l-l-o-o-w daisy wheel documents.  And the smell of a freshly mimeographed work-book assignment.

Oh @Burnsite when I look back on how thrilled I was with how "fast" things were processed/printed back then it makes me laugh . . . I still remember carbon paper and White Out . . . ouch! . . . tee hee!

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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

Rockin'it Old School.  I loved my Rolodex.

My boss had a larger one w/ 2 wheels.

I thought that was so cool.




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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

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Hello, @Marp, My colleagues got KayPros, but I had a "smaller" NEC.  They no longer even make computers.  I loved that mammoth "laptop," though it was so early there was no hard drive: operating diskette on one side and file diskette on the other. 


Each document diskette held only about 25 pages. 


And it lived forever.  It worked for 13 years but in 2000 I got a home computer with a hard drive.  I had only ever used the laptop for word processing and research. 


I joined the QVC Discussions Forum soon after I discovered the internet, but I had been working on computers since very early days.

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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

When I was in grad school, internet was not yet available to individuals.   Computer "nerds" hosted Bulletin Boards from their own systems at their homes.  We would call those boards and have conversations, send individual messages and play games.  


Those were the good old days.  Smiley Happy

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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)


My first memory of technology was how my mothers RCA Victrola Record Player. It was taller than I was at first, but I could reach the arm on the side of it wind it up to play. Was fascinated with it and maybe that is why maybe I have involved in Electric Audio reproduction since I was 15 years old. Later came the same fascination with Video Reproduction.


Lots of machines between the Victrola my mother had in the early 1940's, and devices I have owned in many of those new technological advances up and through 2016.




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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

I remember taking a class called Business Calculating Machines.  If you wanted to multiply by ten, you hit the "plus" ten times.  This was the eighties - it's not like calculators hadn't been invented!

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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

I had many sleepless nights where I'd lay in bed and watch my clock numbers flip....flip....flip..  close my eyes and I could faintly hear it change every minute.  I know that's not the most technical thing being discussed here.


I sill have an old beeper pager in my desk here. I felt so important carrying one around, LOL.  No idea why I've held on to it.


Who else made home movies with the big camera that recorded onto 8mm film and setting up a projector (and screen) to watch them at home?

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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

@bri20 wrote:

When I met my husband, he has a pager.  I would page him; if he was out, he would call me from a pay phone.  Lol


We did get cell phones shortly afterwards.   They were so big and clunky.   

@bri20  shortly after I met my husband, he was issued a pager for work.   He used a pay phone to return the call,  too. LOL

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Re: A little technology nostalgia . . . :)

@sidsmom wrote:


I was once a rotating on-call tech for a drugstore chain. I was issued a pager, a laptop and the second phone from the left. If necessary, I could connect up the laptop to the phone and "dial-in" to the store's IBM RS6000 computer to see what was going on during a transaction. Most of the time I could correct a problem remotely with this connectivity.


Boy, was I hot-stuff!