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Here in the northwest, we're having a fabulously beautiful day. The temperature at 4:30 pm is 52 dregrees; big white fluffy clouds are sailing through a clear, azure blue sky and a glowing sunset (a blend of oranges and pinks) is an hour away.


We were predicted an exceptiionally cold and wet winter; for the last few weeks it's been almost spring-like. My bulbs are coming up, the buds on my lilacs (and ginkos) are swelling up.


Usually my lilacs have come and gone by Mother's Day but I'm guessing they'll linger this year. I hope this is an omen of a cooler than normal summer because last year was a real scorcher.

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Just the thought of a beautiful spring day makes me smile!😁

Our weather has been dreary this week; today was no exception! Spring is slated to tease us tomorrow with a welcome forecast of 55 degrees and abundant sunshine!🌞 It will be nice to go out without an umbrella!👍


There is nothing like watching nature's bountiful gifts to us as they delight us in spring! I would LOVE to see a photo of your lilac in full bloom.🥰


Happy gardening!!!😊


~~~All we need is LOVE💖