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Re: A Thanksgiving "Mitzvah"



I cannot praise enough the good act you and your BF did on Thanksgiving Day.  How I wish that all the world behaved in the way that you two did.


Bless you both!



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Re: A Thanksgiving "Mitzvah"

It's always nice to hear about good deeds -- good to know there are good people out there. 


I had a script that got lost in a large postal sorting facility. The USPS basically refused to look for it - said it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So why bother with tracking info???


Mail order pharmacy could see from the tracking info that I never received the script so they did send another but deducted it from the number of refills available -- so I was short a month. 



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Re: A Thanksgiving "Mitzvah"

So comforting to know that people are still doing mitzvahs every day!! My hubby and I would have done the same thing, nothing to think twice about .