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Re: A Heartfelt Moment In The Day

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@Mersha Your post made me tear up. What a meaningful moment.


Me too😢

me too!

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Re: A Heartfelt Moment In The Day

What a wonderful tribute to one of the civil servants of your community on his/her final passage through the city. Those in blue are (s)heros for serving and keeping us safe 24/7/365. Imagine the family was deeply touched with such a genuine sense of brotherly comraderie and support for their loss.  Lovely post.

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Re: A Heartfelt Moment In The Day

@Mersha  I remember when we did that all of the time.  So glad that you had the opportunity to see it in this day and age.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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Re: A Heartfelt Moment In The Day

A n inspiring incident, actually very much like the America I knew as a kid born during WW II.


A few weeks ago, I passed our Church Cemetery, usually totally unvisited on a typical workday/weekday, and was amazed to see a funeral attended by a very small number of people, nearly all attired in full military uniform.


There was a bugler among them, and the ceremony obviously honored someone for whom they all cared deeply.


My husband and I rode past a day or two later, and there was no stone set yet, but the flower ribbons included Grandpop, Uncle and other family tributes.


The rituals may have changed because of current troubles, but the sentiments remain.