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Re: A Dilly Of A Storm Is Brewing

i live in pa.. it got dark here around 2pm.. i thought great, i better jump in the shower just in case i do loose power later.. i always make sure my phones charged too.. it rained a little.. now the sun is out.. im still waiting for this storm. the weather men are wrong alot.. its 4:15 now... im wondering if they're wrong again.. earlier it said storms are expected here by 12??? 

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Re: A Dilly Of A Storm Is Brewing

Anybody in the path of these storms PLEASE, PLEASE stay safe. I live in South Dakota and last Thursday we had many storms across a lot of the state with winds up to & over 100mph. Lots of people without power, a couple of people were killed when a tree fell on the vehicle and another had a piece of wood fly through their car and killed the passenger. Many of our towns had damage and loss of property.

I hope every one is safe!!!!


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Re: A Dilly Of A Storm Is Brewing

@proudlyfromNJ wrote:

@ciao_bella wrote:

Central coastal NJ here.  We're also to get the same storm/s with heavy rain, wind, hail and possible tornadoes.  I'm about 1/2 mile from the bay, but on much hirer ground so no issue with flooding.  However, my house is a corner property that faces the north and the side facing the bay is the east side, so I get the brunt of a nor'easter's wind and rain, or a storm moving from west to east, as this storm is doing.  

@ciao_bella  I grew up in Monmouth County on the bay. 

@proudlyfromNJ I'm in Middlesex County on the bay but not far from the Monmouth County borderline.  

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