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John, will keep praying for your wife and you.  

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John ~~ Thank God you were there when it happened.  Prayers for Cindy and for you.  May she recover well and quickly.  HeartHeart

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I hope your wife heals quickly and can return home soon.You must be a wreck from worry.I hope you stay well and strong.

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John, sending prayer your way for your dear wife and you. I hope she ralllys and gets better soon.

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Also very sorry to hear John, you both are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Sending positive thoughts for your wife's rapid recovery.

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Oh, my Goodness - must have scared both of you so much!


Sending all the best to both of you!

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Absolutely John! Prayers and thoughts your way.

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Oh, John, I am so sorry to hear about Cindy's health, but I'm glad that you were able to get her to the hospital


I will pray for her good recovery.  Hang in there, John.

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Praying for you both John! 

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