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Saying prayers for you both @hckynutjohn.


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sounds scary!  Prayers coming your way ...

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I'm very sorry to hear this, John.  I pray she'll make a full recovery.

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I join all the well wishers here in hoping and praying that Cindy will soon recover and that you both will feel good

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How incredibly scary, John.  It's lucky you were there to see she needed help.  Best wishes to Cindy.  

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So very sorry, prayers for you both🙏🏻
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((Hugs)) to you and Cindy.  Thoughts and prayers for her complete recovery.

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John, how frightening for you both!  Cindy will be in my prayers and thoughts.

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Prayers for you and Cindy, John.

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Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your wife's speedy recovery.